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The Eyes Have it! How to achieve the eyes you want…

Posted on: April 9, 2010

Smokey Eyes

Here are a few helpful tips for achieving the eyes you want. One of the most important steps to applying eye color is the use of an eye shadow base before applying the eye color. This will help you avoid eye shadow creasing, bring out the true color tone, and make the color last longer. An eye color base can be the same concealer you use to hide blemishes. Or it can be an actual eye shadow base primer such as Urban Decay’s Eye Shadow Primer Potion ($17, Generally when applying eye shadow you want to use three tones; a light, a medium, and a dark tone. Apply the medium tone all over the lid, the darker tone in the outside corner, and the lighter tone on the inside corner.

Once you apply your eye shadow color or colors, you want to make sure to blend, blend, and blend. The more you blend the better your makeup will look regardless of the number of colors used on the lid. You want to invest in good blending brush. Try Stila’s All Over Blend Brush ($24,

Since eye liner is a staple in makeup, it’s all about how it’s applied. Long gone are the days of the cat eye (eye liner extended out past the lash line). Eye liner should be used to emphasize your natural shape of your eye, not to create a new shape. Full eye liner, used above and below the eyes, is in. Eye lines can be created with liquid liners, eye liner pencils, or eye shadows. If you are using shadow as your liner, apply the shadow with a firm angled brush, liner brush, or q-tip.

The days of thin, over tweezed brows are so 2008. Giving your brows a nice natural shape is always recommended, but avoid over tweezing and waxing. Make the most of your natural brows, keep them full and luscious. This gives a more youthful appearance. Many are able to tame their brows by simply applying clear mascara or a brow gel. For those of us who need to have our brows professionally shaped, I personally prefer threading. Threading appears to be the most precise way of shaping the brows. Unlike tweezing, which removes one hair at a time and can result in an uneven brow shape, threading removes an entire row of hair at one time and gives a precise shape.

In the spirit of appearing as natural as possible, try easing up on the mascara. Brown eyed girls should give natural black mascara a try. Your lashes will still stand out without the sometimes harsh look of jet black mascara. Fret not my beauties; I know we all love our dreamy lashes. Don’t forget to curl your lashes to give your eyes a wide open look. For those with strait lashes try a heated curler to get a glamorous curl in your lashes, try the Eyecurl II heated eyelash curler ($28,

What’s Your Favorite Type of Eyeliner?


2 Responses to "The Eyes Have it! How to achieve the eyes you want…"

Great article! I’m always telling my pageant clients that communication is all in the eyes especially when having their head shots taken. You give great tips to making the most of their “outer” eyes. I look forward to more of your articles.

this article is extremely helpful because you give in depth details on a category that isn’t very basic to most people. I especially love the ending caption about the tips for lashes because I personally love the lashes. I feel like it completes the makeup and your tips on the proper way to wear the lashes give a full effect!.. THANKS!

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