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Sophisticates Black Hair inside cover

We all shudder at the thought of this changing our beloved hair stylist, but the only thing certain in life is, change. Stylists, like everyone else, move to other cities, go on maternity leave, and change career paths. Sometimes the change is voluntary and comes from your feeling that your current stylist doesn’t listen to your needs, or stay abreast of the hottest new trends. After you’ve discussed the issue and the problem continues, it may be time for a new hair connoisseur.

Although this can appear to be a daunting task, following these few suggestions should lead to the best hair on “Mane” street. Look forward to a great hair style and a more informed relationship with your stylist. Here are a few tips for choosing a stylist.

While out and about, look for women with healthy tresses and hair styles you like. Ask this styling diva what salon she frequents, what stylist she sees, and the price range of her services. In today’s world of cyber awareness, you can always type the salon or stylist into a search engine. Their are many helpful websites that rate salons and individual stylists. Avoid following your first thought to ask a friend or relative. Many times they don’t want you to go to the person in which they share their intimate details… and gossip. They don’t want to the stylist letting any of their conversation “slip”. Plus, no one wants to be involved any “mane” misunderstandings between yourself and the stylist.

Here are some things you want to keep in mind when narrowing down your stylist options. Every stylist doesn’t specialize in every hair style. Whether you wear a short crop, long flowing locks, a relaxer, or colored tresses, make sure that you find a stylist who specializes in that look. Ask them if they have taken any recent classes. If the stylist says that she “doesn’t need them”, run for the hills… or at least another stylist.

Once you go in for your first appointment or your free consultation, their are a few questions the auditioning stylist should ask you. All stylists need to learn what you like and don’t like about your current look. They should ask about all chemical services you receive in the salon (chemical services are not recommended for at home use). They also want to learn how much time and money you are willing invest in your hair services. This way you won’ t end up with a cut and color you can’t afford to maintain.

I usually recommend giving the stylist a few visits to decide if this is a good match. Sometimes you may have to work at achieving the perfect hair color tone or the perfect amount of curl in your hair. All new relationships take cultivation and communication, and this one is no different. Following these few tips will allow you to feel empowered enough to choose the right stylist for you.


Beatiful Full Hair

Unwinding at the end of a long day, you pick up your favorite magazine and notice that the model on the cover has a thick gorgeous head of hair that seems suspended in mid air. You happen to turn on the TV and an awards show is on. Actress after actress grace the stage perfectly manicured and when the TV zooms in for its close up, one can’t help but notice the beautiful locks that frame their faces. After watching for awhile, you decide to turn in for the evening. You walk into the bathroom and that’s when it happens….you see your own hair in the mirror. *Sigh*

Can I share something with you? 80% of the population has normal to fine hair. Only about 20% are blessed with naturally thick hair that is full of body. So what can the other 80% do to “pump up the volume”? Three words…color, product and extensions.

This week I interviewed Monae Everett to get her expert advice on hair. Monae is a licensed Cosmetologist with nine years of experience. She owns Monae Artistry, LLC where she is an editorial and commercial hair and makeup artist specializing in photo shoots, videos, and movies. Ms. Everett has contributed to hair care and makeup articles in Upscale and Omo Naija magazines. Her work has been published in magazines including Celebrity Short Cuts, Sophisticates Black Hair, Sports and Entertainment Today, Today’s Black Woman, etc. She now writes for Hair’s How magazine. Having competed in the Miss Teen Virginia USA pageant herself, she knows firsthand the expectations and demands put on hair.

Color – When adding both highlights and lowlights to your hair, you create dimension and movement. Your hair will instantly look thicker and fuller.

Product- Next to a great haircut, the quality of the styling products you use is critical for creating hair that will look great for hours on and off stage. Healthy hair has body, shine and MOVES! The goal is to create the stiff lift at the roots and have the ends moving as you walk on stage. Monae made this suggestion to get the most body from your hair:

When hair is wet, apply a golf ball size amount of root thickening product to your roots.

Using a round natural bristled brush, blow dry your hair lifting up at the roots. Lightly spray with a reshaping spray.

Next, set hair on hot rollers and allow the rollers to completely cool before removing them.

Style hair into the desired shape and spray with hairspray.

Two of Monae’s favorite products are Professional Sebastian Thickefy Foam and Sebastian Reshaper.

Monae also said not to be afraid to wear the super sleek look if you can pull off. Your hair should beg people to reach out and touch it.

Extensions- If there’s a Hollywood secret to fabulous hair; here it is ladies—Extensions. Sometimes product isn’t enough to get the full bodied effect people want from their hair so they turn to extensions.

However, not all extensions are created equally. Lower quality extensions (ranging in price from $30-$60) can’t be reused and are made synthetically, which means they cannot be styled with heat. Higher end extensions are made of real human hair are reusable. They can cost up to $150 per ounce and you’ll need between 4-8 ounces of hair.

There are many factors to determine whether you’re a good candidate for hair extensions starting with your natural hair texture, the bonding method you choose, and how long you want them to stay in your hair. Here are a few of your choices:

A few hours – taped in extensions.
A day – clip in extensions but don’t sleep in them.
A week – glued in extensions.
1-3 months – sewn in extensions.
3-4 months – strand by strand Microfusion
When done by a highly skilled professional, hair extensions won’t hurt your natural hair, will look natural and can be easily maintained. If you’re considering extensions, consult with an experienced stylist so you can get the product and end results you’re dreaming of. One size does not fit all and you’ll need professional help to evaluate and select the right extensions for you.

To see Monae’s new video on how to get Big Sexy Voluminous Hair, click on this link to see step by step instructions.

Written By Rhonda Shappert
The Pageant Expert &
Personal Development Coach

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